Studying for the Network+ certification

My journey into a Masters in Cybersecurity has made me realize that my knowledge of networks is superficial. I was able to use and somewhat configure a network but did so mainly by trial and error and the online community. I felt that this was an area that I needed to be more experienced in, and so I started down another journey.

I felt that the CompTIA Network+ certification would be beneficial as a starting point for the Security+ certification, some of the follow-on classes in my degree, and for doing better in capture-the-flag events. I participated in one hosted by IIT recently and took 7th place. Some of the advanced wirshark-based challenges took me far too long to accomplish, not because of wireshark but because I didn’t know how to look for the right network signals. All going back to a superficial understanding of networks.

In an attempt to reaffirm my understanding, I’ll be posting information about my self-guided journey into this certification.

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